Wordpress offers one of the most well known website solutions in the world. A Wordpress site is easy to maintain which is why we feel it is an excellent platform for almost any kind of company website. 

WordPress Masterclass

Hard to maintain and update your website? Get a private master class and let us help you take control of your site.

Upgrade to WordPress

Tired of a complicated website solutions? Upgrade your site into a modern and easy to use WordPress installation.

Get your own website

Are you still without a website? Let us build you a website that is easy to use and maintain or let us maintain it for you.


We know it can be hard work maintaining and running a website. That is why we keep it simple so our clients can spend their time working instead of getting stuck while trying to update their company website. 

So this is what we’ve done for some of them..

Stal Naber Lozeman

We helped out with a major upgrade of their current Wordpress installation. By doing this the site now has a more modern look and feel. It is also easy to maintain and update on a daily basis. 

De Heumstede

We made a basic Wordpress installation for de Heumstede and imported their old site in to it. After hosting a Wordpress Masterclass for their webmaster they are now in control of the website. 

Gränsbo Stuteri

Gränsbo had a hopelessly dated site that was hard coded and impossible to maintain. We’ve upgraded their Wordpress installation and hosted an on-line Wordpress Masterclass for their webmaster. And now they are back in control.

Stal van Roekel

The previous website was old and dated and difficult to maintain and update. Stal van Roekel now has a brand new Wordpress installation which is easy to maintain and which is hosted by us. 

Other Solutions

We consider ourselves a WordPress specialist but can offer you other solutions and platforms for your projects. Including e-commerce and social media platforms. 


Just like Wordpress Joomla is a highly popular CMS-system for building easy to use websites. The learning curve is considered a little bit more steep than the one of Wordpress. 


Woocommerce is an awesome plugin for running a webshop on an existing Wordpress site. But we can also help you develop your e-commerce using other solutions.


We can help you develop a website for discussion and interaction. We recommend phpbb3,  Zenforo or Buddypress. The last one is a Wordpress plugin. 


Get in touch!

Any questions or ideas regarding what we can do for you? Drop us an e-mail info@equinewsworld.com and we’ll get back to you.