We offer you and your business a fantastic tool for sending both stylish and informative newsletters to your customers and clients.

Collect subscribers

Collect your subscribers by using our sign up form on your website or Facebook page. We can also assist you in transforming a current sendlist in to our system. 

Send newsletters

Create your content by blending text, images and even video to send out stylish and responsive newsletters that matches your brand and company house style. 

Track your results

You can track your campaigns down to the finest detail. There are only benefits for you to gain when you know who opened a campaign and which links they found interesting.  


Creative usage of E-marketing

Do you think your business is too small for sending out cool campaigns? Here are some ideas in how a one person business can use a newsletter. 


Auto create content from your blog or news site and send to your readers on a daily or weekly basis. 


Collect your competitors in to a send list and use the newsletter to inform them on the latest news about your event.


Keep your students up to date with the latest training tips and dates for your next clinic or training session. 


Get in touch!

Any questions or ideas regarding what we can do for you? Drop us an e-mail info@equinewsworld.com and we’ll get back to you.